Child Safety




          Installing window treatments with no chords is the safer choice for homes with children and pets. Some window treatments(vertical blinds) are inherently cordless, you can choose cordless in product page when possible and the cost is much lower than the overall market price.



          Cordless and motorized options are the best options for children and the best options for households with kids or pets. If you cannot replace an older window treatment right away, you can contact our customer service or live chat to see what advice we can offer. All window blinds, shades, and cords should always be out of reach of small children.



          Beds, cribs, boxes, and climbable items should never be placed near a window or door. Children and pets can access cords and other mechanisms of your window coverings from these elevated surfaces causing a choking (and falling) hazard for curious little ones.



          Hold downs (anchors for continuous cord loop mechanisms) are available to permanently secure the looped cords of shades, drapes, or some blinds to a window or door. It is important to remember that ANY exposed cords are considered unsafe for children.



          Be absolutely certain that all window treatments are installed correctly, even cordless options. Children and pets may be able to reach lower areas of a window treatment and improperly installed or fastened blinds or shades could fall and seriously injure and adult or child.